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Re: well this is a twist on children at weddings...

  • And her response.... I can't...


  • I have no words.
  • On one (very small) hand, I'm glad they wanted to include their newborn. On the other (much larger) hand, I'm just thinking, "I hope someone called Child Protective Services."
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  • I can't even! What the eff?!
  • Just hilarious. I showed this to FI and got him to read her fb post, which took him like five minutes because of all of the grammatical errors. I think this is completely ridiculous and would never think of doing it, but if you think about it this way, if I put my baby on a blanket on the floor and started pulling him around the house, would anybody really care? Probably not and he'd be having fun. Within the confines of your own home and as long as it is done safely it's really a non-issue, but when you put it in the public eye it does seem pretty ridiculous. And taking that kind of liberty with a newborn is pretty gutsy, even if she is safely strapped in.
  • This woman is just so appallingly ignorant. I could forgive the baby on the train debacle far more easily that I can the barely literate, punctuation free defense of it. "Gone continue?" I also just really loathe people who invoke Jesus every second and particularly when they get caught acting badly. As in, "I'm washed in the blood of Jesus - as long as he forgives me for robbing that bank, beating my wife and drunkenly crashing my car into a school bus, no one else can judge me! " I did wonder at her statement that the baby was "safely secured" to her train. How? Did they use safety pins or maybe hot glue?
  • ...Welp, looks like I'm gonna start day drinking now.
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  • Why didn't she just carry her?!?

    Heck, even a baby sling made from fabric to match the dress and blinged up a bit would have been better than THAT.
  • Not pregnant, no kids, not even actively planning a wedding yet, but I once had a dream that I carried my young baby down the aisle in my wedding.  When I woke up and thought about it, it actually seemed just untraditional enough that I'd do it.  (By 'untraditional' I mean having a kid first, then getting married, and not worrying about getting baby slobber on my wedding dress.)
  • The world has hit a whole new level of stupid....



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  • Do I think it's ridiculous? Yes. Do I think it's dangerous or calling CPS worthy?  No.

    The child is just a few inches off the ground and appears to be securely fastened. A bride walking down the aisle is walking extremely slowly. It's not like she's running across bumpy ground where the baby could be rattled and thumped around.
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