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Anyone know of a good traveling hair and makeup artist or company in Milwaukee?? We are going to be getting ready inside the hotel room and would like ladies to come in and do it there instead of going to the salon. Thanks!

Re: Traveling hair/makeup

  • Do you have a regular stylist you could ask?  My stylist is coming with another stylist and makeup artist to meet us downtown this weekend.  We have a great relationship, I've been using her for years and she suggested that she comes to us rather than go through the hustle and bustle of the salon.   

  • Oh wow. That's great. I live in Idaho now... So I don't have a steady hair stylist back in Wisconsin. Maybe I can just call around :) thanks!
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    you should contact Amy at 414-687-7481 [email protected] http://[email protected] she is listed on this website under local vendors
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