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Liberal, Interfaith Imam

Good Morning everyone! I am 25 years old, recently engaged, and of a mixed background. I am Lebanese American (father is Lebanese Muslim and mother is American). With my recent engagement, there has already been quite a bit of controversy and pressure from my fathers side of the family to have a traditional Islamic ceremony which me and my fiancee are fine with, except for the fact that he doesn't feel like he should have to convert. This comes from the fact that my father is not strictly religious whatsoever and neither am I. We more want to do this as a way to respect myself as well as my dads side of the family and although he gave us his blessing, he is adamant about the fact that he wants us to have an Islamic ceremony, or Kitb Kitab so that when I do bring my future husband to Lebanon, they can see that we were married in this way and recognize us as having a legitimate marriage. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my inquiries and if anyone knew of a liberal Imam who we could talk to who is understanding of both our backgrounds and can perform the nikkah without him technically converting? I live near NYC but I'm willing to travel elsewhere to speak to someone who will understand our situation. Thanks!

Re: Liberal, Interfaith Imam

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    Hi! Did you end up finding a respectable Imam for your wedding? I'm in a similar situation, and I haven't had luck getting so far. If you were successful, I'd love if you could share your experience! :)
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