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We have some items left over from our wedding that we would like to sell.  Please contact me if you are interested and have questions about the items.
1. Ring pillow and basket.  Asking for 10.00 for both.
2. Fifty two little tubes of bubbles.  Asking for 8.00 
3. Container of corsage pins (we used ten).  Asking for 3.00
4. Blue floral tape.  We used to make bows.  Not sure how much is left on it.
5. Candy favor bags.  There is fifty, sealed and not used. Asking for 5.00
6. Five white reusable bows.  We did not use these.  Asking for 5.00
7. Eight blue gift bags.  We did not use these. Asking for 8.00
8. Eight white Bridesmaids bags.  We did not use these.  Asking for 5.00 
9. Box of golf pencils.  Some were used, but not sure how many.  Asking for 5.00

Will come back later to post photos of all items.

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