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Freaking out about transportation!

So sorry if i vent but i really dont know what doo! So im getting married in 81 days ( and counting! ) I have  6  women 3 girls in my bridal party that dont have CARS!  and they are all getting ready at my house with me. We have looked into a limo services but it is really out of our budget. We also looked into a  type of bus thats available for a lot of people but its even more expansive. We are paying for all this ourselfs so a limo was out the the picture. We haven been thinking about cabs to transport us but it dosnt seem like something you do for a wedding.  Honesly there isnt enough cars ! Any suggestions what we can do? please?

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  • WWe have asked some people to carpool however they have said no already. . Most of the people take buses around town . The cab company already gave me a price which is really reasonable!  I guess  I just needed someone to tell me its not weird to take a cab !! thanks so much!

  • Were having the ceremoney and reception in our hometown. We're going to a hotel that night, =D

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