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MOH taking on too much?

My best friend and MOH is a fabulously talented artist. I asked her if she would make our save the dates and invitations, which she excitedly said yes to, and they came out beautifully. She also offered to make me a sash for my dress since the one the dress came with isn't really working for me. I was surprised that she offered to do another thing but I said sure, sounds great. I haven't heard anything about it since that conversation and she has been very wrapped up in other things lately. She has been going through a lot personally and I think taking on another craft project, even one she offered to do, may have been biting off more than she could chew. (I think I may be wearing her out with wedding chatter as well, which I'm already taking steps to curb in myself, don't worry!) So now I wonder if/how I should release her from this chore. Would it be insulting to say, "Don't worry about it, I'm going to buy something on etsy?" Or would that be more likely to come as a relief? She's also planning a my bachelorette party so she's really doing a ton for me and I don't want her to feel totally worn out. But I also don't want it to seem like I doubt her abilities. What do you guys think?

Re: MOH taking on too much?

  • Very touchy situation.  If you order another sash, is it possible that you can order something that can be returned just in case she comes through?  That way you have a plan "B".  If not, look around for a sash.  If you find one that you REALLY love and it works for you, call her before your order it.  You might tell her that you were just playing around on-line and found a really great sash, so if she has not gotten started on yours and has not spent any money, you were thinking about ordering this one.  You know your friend and hopefully know the kindest way to approach her while leaving yourself with an option.
  • When i get stressed with personal problems and stuff, I take on as much as I can to avoid my home problems.  And it works for me. It gives me a chance to take a breather, and come back calmer - especially when it's someone asking me to sing at an event because singing calms me down.  Maybe crafts is your friends way of calming herself down.
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  • How long till your wedding? She just may be waiting till it gets closer.  I have a friend who sews and a sash would take her a couple of hours at the most so it wouldn't be a priority for her to get it done right this second.  
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