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Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hi everyone, I already posted this under pre wedding parties, but someone on that discussionsaid I should post here as well to get better feedback.
I'm a native New Yorker and I'm looking for some ideas for a bachelorette party. I was thinking of something a little naughty, but I'm worried Hunk O'Mania is too dirty. And does Lips have any hot guys? (to me it's not a bachelorette party without a hot guy, lol!) The group is sort of mix bag of wilder/ out there and quieter girls so I want something that can appease everyone. The bride herself is a little more on the naughtier side. I heard Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man isn't as dirty, but is it any good?  Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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    I thought Lips was a drag show? For my bachelorette party we went to see La Soiree in Union Square theater; it's like an adult circus with lots of hot guys! But it's not X-rated so the quieter girls should be fine.
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    We're going to Jekyl and Hyde for a late dinner (7 or 8, which I guess is late for me but maybe not for others?) and then we're going to Lips.  One of my planners went to Lips and she said it's fantastic and if the bride wears anything denoting she's the bride, they'll give her a lot of attention.
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    I went to a wedding event in Chelsea and found out that there's a Bachelorette food crawl. A bridesmaid would call and set it up. There has to be a minimum of eight girls.
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    These are all great ideas. Thanks so much ladies!
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    We're going to give Sex Tips a try because they had a bachelorette party package. Let you know how it goes!
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    Saw it. Was a really great show you guys. So funny!
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