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I'm lost about processional music.

I really wanted an acoustic guitar ceremony... but I sacrificed that for the dress of my dreams. Can anyone give me a good place to find all of the ceremonial music, but in guitar renditions? Or maybe give me some advice from anyone who has been married in the past few months or is getting married soon and has that part already planned?

Re: I'm lost about processional music.

  • Go to Amazon, and search "wedding guitar" - you'll find tons of pretty choices.  You can buy individual songs, or an entire CD/Download.  You'll find classical, contemporary, country, modern!  

    See - you'll get the dress AND the guitar ceremony that you wanted!  
  • Well, initially I was going to hire someone to play guitar... but I'm pinching pennies everywhere I can. Thank you for that advice! :)
  • Yes - a talented guitarist would've been very cool - but the music can still sound like that.  

    Good luck!
  • I too wanted an acoustic ceremony but am watching the budget. (Had to have a fabulous photographer so pinching pennies other places :)) If you live in a college community you could post an ad on Craigslist & easily find someone young and talented to play!  - we posted on craigslist $50 & a free meal at the rehearsal dinner and we found someone really talented and nice! We made sure to list qualifications that included being well groomed and well mannered - he is both! We are planning to pay him $25 on the rehearsal night and the rest the next day, as well as having him sign a contract so that it is a legitimate deal. You could easily have your acoustic wedding! :) 
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