My fiance and I have recently started planning out our wedding. Being on a budget of not more than 8k is a lot more difficult than I imagined it to be.
We both fell absolutely in love with The Wright House, their package we needed was starting at 7k it was all perfect until we had to start figuring in the vendors. We now lay over 9k. I don't want to pay for a half-assed photographer, but we can't afford a great one either, same with the DJ and a florist....
As far as food goes, since we don't need a licensed caterer, we're thinking about having the family help us supply food and serve it banquet style and go from there. 
I plan on doing a lot of DIY as it is. I'm just stressing so much about everything else.

Does anyone have any tips? Any insight?  Do you think we can negotiate with the venue? 

Re: Help!?

  • I would try to negotiate with the venue and lay it out to them. Express LOOK this is what we HAVE. Then state WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME? Or if you have other prices from other sites. See if they will do a price match. you never know till you try. our budget is around 5k to7 I have a feeling it will turn into 10k LOL but yes do it your self is the best. Plus it shows who you guys are! Good luck.
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  • Have you thought about having a summer wedding? You can generally get better deals in the hot months. During season, the Wright House is not likely to negotiate-they don't need to.
      Maybe look at Inside the Bungalow. As far as having your family cater, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Can you be sure the food will be at safe temps all the time? It's actually pretty easy to get food poisoning.
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