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Affordable reception venues in St. Augustine?

Hello there! we have quite a while until our wedding (about 16 months), but we're brainstorming and doing some research. My FH's family lives around Jacksonville, FL, while mine lives around West Palm Beach, FL. We both love St. Augustine, as do both of our families. My dad was the one who suggested the idea of us getting married there.

We do a little research... come to find out that St. Augustine is apparently a destination wedding location. Who knew? I fell in love with the courtyard of the Lightner Museum, which has a beautiful stone bridge over a koi pond, commonly used for weddings. Despite the insane cost of the Lightner Museum's event facilities (literally over $10K WITHOUT catering), the courtyard only requires a $200 permit (plus chairs, officiant, etc etc etc).

I thought I'd get equally as lucky with a reception venue. No sir. Most everything surrounding Lightner is over $20K once you include catering. It's crazy. I found the Llambias house, which is about $2,300 before catering but I'd like to see if there is anything even lower than this out there. Is it possible to go cheaper than this around St. Augustine, or will I have to part ways with the Lightner Courtyard in search of a more affordable city?

Re: Affordable reception venues in St. Augustine?

  • I'm getting married in Saint Augustine as well and in 16 months too! We checked out the Llambias House and that was our second choice...we loved it!! And it as pretty reasonable considering location. There is also the Sanchez House. I'm not sure how many guests you're having, but you can stay at this house for 3 nights too. It has a little court yard and lawn area. Check out this one too...if you're having a smaller, intimate wedding. We decided to keep our wedding low key, intimate, and just enjoyable...oh and REASONABLE, so we went with renting a house on the beach, with a big backyard and we are doing everything there, ceremony, reception, rehersal dinner, and staying the week. We couldn't beat the price...it was cheaper there to rent the house for the week, have the wedding, etc then having it at a venue downtown. Hope this helped you some. If you can take a weekend to go up there and look around, I recommend it. The White Room was awesome too but was about the same as the museum...NOT in our budget!
  • Oh thank goodness for this post. I am also looking forward to having my wedding in St. Augustine (in 10 months!) I have yet to visit any of the venues since we reside in Tampa but we plan to since we absolutely love the historic feel around the city. I do wish the Llambias House had a website to go to. I was totally considering it because just as you both wanted it - I want it more personal and fun not something where there has to be 300 people.  ^_^

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    We are also looking for a wedding/reception venue in St. Augustine November 2015. With our smaller budget and my father being a professional chef and his wedding gift will be to cook for our wedding we have ruled out many of the venues that require caterers and have now started to look for a private home that we could rent for a few nights or the week, but have been having trouble finding a rental home with outdoor space large enough to host. Only 50 or so guests so pretty small, any suggestions on rental agencies or properties to look into?  Thank you in advance

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