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Outdoor ceremony and reception ideas

I live in New York, and I'm looking for outdoor (parks, anything with scenery) that's close to NYC but not overbooked and expensive venues (preferably not over an hour drive from the inner city). My guest list is under 50 people and would like to keep the cost down, preferably under 1k for for the place itself, and would like to do outside catering. Please help with any suggestions, thank you!   

Re: Outdoor ceremony and reception ideas

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    Look in places that would usually be dismissed out of hand. Are there towns that people think of as "hick" nearby? If you think about it, you are wanting an outdoor setting, so rural isn't a dirty word.

    I found a place in a small town that I woykd have never considered if I hadn't seen the gorgeous pics of the venue at a wedding show. The lady had a Victorian house and 3 acres of manicured gardens to get married in. I saw ladies sneer and walk away from her booth because of the town the venue was is.

    She provided all the tables and chairs, let outside caterers come in so we could dine in the waterfall garden, and was a lot cheaper than any of the other venues. It was a dream to get married there. The aisle was even lined with flowering pear trees. It was unique and gorgeous.

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