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wedding weight loss?

Does anyone have a wedding around next October that would like to join me on getting healthy and fit for the big day?? it would be great to have someone with the same time frame to work with :)
I have about 80 pounds to lose

Re: wedding weight loss?

  • Like October 2015?  That's when mine is going to be.  :)  Let me know if you want to start a workout plan of some sort!
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    My wedding is November 2015...I'll join! 

    I set a goal in March to lose 47 pounds. I've lost 14 pounds so far. 33 more to go! 

    I've been counting my calories and doing the T25 workouts with FI. It's been going well so far.

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  • Mine is sept 2015 but I was losing weight for weddings this year lol so far 60lbs down from May last year, still 30 to go preferred 40! I use and love myfitnesspal and I zumba exhilarate and incredible results dvds
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    Mine is December 2015, I have 25 pounds  to lose!! I just started the Jillian Michael's Body Revolution this week and have been running about a mile and a half a day and hope to keep bringing it up!! (I use to run about 5 miles 3x a week a year ago).  I use MFP to log my calories and workouts...

  • I'll go in on it! My wedding is in October 15 as well. I've got about 55-65 pounds I'd like to lose. I did really well about two years ago, lost about 40 pounds, but I've gained half of it back and need to start going after it again.
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  • My wedding is October 17, 2015 and I will join this support group!  I suppose, because I am over a year out, it has been giving me an "oh, I have time" attitude and therefore, I haven't been diligent or serious about the 20 lbs I need to lose, but I know for a fact I don't even want to try on a wedding gown/dress until I lose that 20 lbs because I don't want to run out of the shop crying (over my out of shape figure).  I am planning on trying on a dress by end of this summer (all advice seems to be get/order your dress 8 months to a year before the wedding) so this brings me to roughly the end of this summer.  I don't know why I am not motivated to do this now!?  Also, I keep telling myself it is not only for the wedding, this should be a lifestyle change period.  So, how should we begin?
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    I personally just decided to start with logging my calories on MFP, and doing an at home workout (Jillian Michaels) so I don't feel overwhelmed.  I officially started on Monday (I started a week and a half ago, but then went out of town and fell off the wagon).  I lost 2 pounds this week, just by cutting my calories and working out everyday for 30 minutes!

    I'm with you @RHnCasi4919, I don't want to go dress shopping until I"m as close to my goal weight as possible, because I don't want to feel disgusting in everything I try on.. there is  no way I'd find a dress feeling this way.
  • Is there room for one more? I'm getting married Sept 19, 2015. I already bought my dress and it fits but FI had asked for a mermaid and I picked an A-line dress. I carry most of my weight in my stomach and hips and I'd love to slim down so the dress can be taken in a bit at the waist and give him a little more of the look he wanted. Silly, but it will make me feel better. 

    I could probably stand to lose about 15-20. 
    I've  just started tracking my food with weight watchers points and trying to make smarter choices. I'm really interested in joining this new crossfit gym in my area but it's pricey and money is tight with wedding expenses, so I think for now I'm sticking to P90X and Jillian Michaels dvds. My motivation tends to come and go so I'm looking for something/ someone to keep me honest. 
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  • I have an Bridal accountability group starting on July 14th if you're interested.  Each person picks between T25, 21 day fix and PiYo and we have fun keeping each other motivated to get in awesome shape!  I've personally had AMAZING results with T25!

    Let me know if you're interested and I can send you details. :)
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