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Chicago Make up Artists, a list for African American Brides

I am planning my wedding from out of town and had the hardest time finding and securing a makeup artist for myself and my wedding party. I got a list of names and wanted to pay it forward to other brides who may be in the same boat. 

I had a makeup artist, but she bailed out the last minute and the two best we already booked. The two I liked (best work, best communication) were Andie Cumber and Nika Vaughan. They both have websites. 

Andie was booked and recommended Nika. Nika was booked and was kind enough to give me several names which I will post below.

I think it says a lot about these women as professionals that they not only replied to my message even though they were booked, but that they also gave me other recommendations because they know it's hard to find make up info for brides of color. I would check out their websites. 

Another person with great communication, and who I booked a trial with is Jocelyn Morris. 

Here's a list of people to look up:

Andie Cumber

Nika Vaughan

Jocelyn Morris

Renee Rhoden

Jenn Jackson

Nicole Rogers

Yvonne Wallace

Angela Hall

Andrea Samuels

Best of luck! Be sure to add to this list because it's really hard and to go to salon after salon only to be told constantly that "traditional" make up artists don't have make up in the appropriate hue for me or my wedding party is disheartening. 


Re: Chicago Make up Artists, a list for African American Brides

  • Hi! Who did you end up going with? How was your trial with Jocelyn Morris. I had my first trial with Crystal Eyez (Kay) and she did a great job. Have you tried them yet? someone also recommended Nicole Rogers as well as Flawless beauty by Nicole. 

    I may do one more trial. Thanks for this post. I had a hard time finding MUA for African-American skin as well. Let me know your thoughts on who you checked out so far. Thank! 
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