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Ok ladies, I normally pick up the "how to's" pretty easy on these types of things, but I can't figure out how to make these boards work for the life of me. Can I ask you, my local ladies, for some help?

1. How do I change my signature?
2. Is there anyway to collect the boards I want to visit often? The Knot automatically set me up with the WI and March 2011 boards, but I'd like to have a quick link to the Retro one and a couple others.
3. How do I see profiles/vendor reviews for those that already had their wedding?
4. Is there anyway to make the header with the video go away on the board pages? I've figured out how to collapse it, but still, that leaves me with a relatively tiny screen.

Thank you ladies! Happy Friday!

Re: Knottie 101 Help

  • mmskaricmmskaric member
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    Never mind on one of them...Figured out the siggie part.  How about everything else?

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    Answer to #2 (or at least the way I did it):I frequent the DIY board, but since I couldn't figure out how to link it I just saved in my internet browser's favorite section.  I'm not sure if there is actually a way to save it on TK.
    #3: I'm not sure what you mean?  Like you want to see people's bio's that have already gotten married?  If they are still on the board a bio link will show up in their signature and a lot of married people put reviews in their bios...if that's not what you meant, can you explain?
    #4: This was the best discovery ever (and it's how I saved the links to my favorites so I wouldn't have to do it everytime):  When you click on the Wisconsin Board (for example) you get this weblink:

    Delete this part http://forums.theknot.com/default.aspx?path= before the second http:// and you won't have TK TV up there anymore!  Then just save it without the red par and you'll be good!  You can do that with any board.


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  • mmskaricmmskaric member
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    Sweet!! So much help. Thank you!! And, since I now figured out where the bios are... I'm pretty much copying yours! I had a lot of similar ideas, but you've got them down on paper...er...internet site. Thank you for helping me get words into ideas.

    (And mostly removing the TV thing. Boy, that helps!)

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