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How is everyone wording their invitations for just the bride & groom paying?We would like to include our parents names on the invites still. Any suggestions please. =) I wanted to do something like :
The honour of your presence is requested 
As God joins together
Bride's name
Daughter of Brides parents
Groom's name
Son of Grooms parents
In the Sacrament of Marriage

Re: Invitation Wording

  • Since our wedding is being paid for by a bunch of different people, we used the "together with their families" line, simply because listing all the names was taking up too much space.  Writing out all the names was the largest part of the invitation at that point and it wouldn't fit.  

    I couldn't find anything on proper etiquette on this, but I think what you've got sounds good.  I know people say it's not necessary to list parents names if they're not hosting, but if you want to do it, I don't think that way will confuse anyone.  

    Are you going to be having a full Mass?  If so, you probably would want to include that too.  
  • Thanks so much. Yeah i have been looking all over the web about etiquette and wording too. No were not not having a full mass, just the ceremony.
  • FWIW, even though we paid for our wedding, we still used the "Bride's parents invite you to this wedding etc etc" wording. If you're not okay with that, I like the "together with their families" wording.

    I've also seen:
    Bride's parents
    And groom's parents
    Request your presence at the marriage of their children
    Etc etc.



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    You might want to ask this question on the Invites and Paper board, or the Etiquette board.
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