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Grouptravel.org - Hotel Wedding Block rates

Has anyone secured a hotel wedding block rate through grouptravel.org? Are they a legit company?

I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this, so apologies if it's not.

Thank you!

Re: Grouptravel.org - Hotel Wedding Block rates

  • vsgalvsgal member
    Eighth Anniversary 250 Love Its 500 Comments Name Dropper
    I don't know.  I mean, I negotiated our room blocks at two different hotels for our wedding in two days.  In one day for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party.  Both times, the hotels got back to me within 24 hours.

    I am always nervous about booking a service through a third party or middle man.  Too many opportunities for details to get lost or things to get overbooked. Not to mention, this is a free service to you, but someone has to pay them.  In this case it is probably the hotels. They are paying a fee to get put on the list. You may not have the variety that you want or the location or the dates.

    Personally, I would contact the hotel directly.  
  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments Third Anniversary First Answer
    I put in a request for hotel block bids at findgroupdeals.com, which is run by priceline.com.  It was simple and there is no obligation to book.  In the end, I didn't get any bids from hotels in the exact area I was looking for, so I didn't use them.  They stopped emailing me after my bid expired.
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