Rehearsal Dinner Spot - Waukesha/Brookfield Area

We are still looking for a rehearsal dinner spot in the Waukesha/Brookfield area.  Have you booked yours, or had yours at an awesome spot?  I feel like there are so many options to choose from downtown, but we don't want to be driving too far for dinner, so we want to stick in the area.  Any suggestions!?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Spot - Waukesha/Brookfield Area

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    We're having ours at Bravo! in Brookfield. They've been really helpful and it's on of our favorite restaurants.
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    I am a big fan of Louise's.  Venice Club could be an option, too.
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    North Star American Bistro...they have AMAZING food. :)
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    [QUOTE]North Star American Bistro...they have AMAZING food. :)
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    I use to work here, food is great and depending on your budget you can rent their private room (fri/sat night is 2k min. food and drinks can go towards this, no rental fee if its still the same)
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    I heard that the old Zilli's Grandview Inn restaurant can be used for private events. If you're looking for a place just for your guests and not share it with the public, this is the place.

    Good Luck!
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    Thunderbay grille has a private room. They customized a menu for ours and we had our 3 favorite entrees.
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    We are also hoping to use Thunder Bay. It is one of our favorite places!
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