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Heirloom Rings

My ring was my grandmother's. I'm just curious as to who else has heirloom rings and what they look like. Anyone?

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    Mine was my grandma's, too.   My FI got to meet her a few days before she passed - we decided the day of the funeral that we wanted to use one of her rings as an heirloom ring - she always said she wanted me to have her rings.  We've made it ours, especially with the custom wedding band we had made for it, but it's still a nice reminder of her.  Mine is a cluster ring - looks like a flower - and the band is a split shank.

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  • My ring itself is not an heirloom, but the diamond is his great-grandmother's diamond. The band was just a plan gold band but was several sizes too big and not really my style anyway, so FI picked out a setting to have it set in.
  • Your ring is gorgeous, btw. I love heirloom rings!
  • Thanks! I feel like I have my grandmother with me when I wear it. I like your ring a lot, too!
  • Your ring is beautiful. My finance just surprised and proposed with his great grandmother's ring on Thursday.
  • Thank you. Beautiful ring. How wonderful that he gave you his great grandmother's ring.
  • My husband proposed to me with his Grandmother's (Mommom's) ring.

    I was pregnant with his baby girl and wasn't exactly expecting to get married but on Christmas vacation his Poppop came down and brought his Mommom's rings to let James chose from them. The best part: James chose the mother of pearl ring that was given to Mommom when she was pregnant with her first child, James' mom! I love that he didn't get me a diamond, since I hate the rocks.The ring is antique looking and has a fine detailing around the pearl.

    Since everything happened so fast, we just got a marriage certificate and no ceremony what-so-ever, we're now going to be having our ceremony in front of our church with all our family and friends.
  • That sounds really romantic. :)
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