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I scared myself today!

I chose my dress a year ago, was measured last August and my dress came in March. I tried my dress on in March when it came in and put it away. Today, with 4 months left, I decided to try it again today, just in case I've gained anything. I was able to zip it midway up, then, I couldn't get it any higher...I panicked for a few moments. Told me a few minutes to realise that I cant zip up myself because its a very fitted bodice... Im being silly panicking about zipping my dress but has anyone else worried that their dress wont fit (big or small) before the wedding?

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Re: I scared myself today!

  • I am totally worried about this. My dress is snug and I know exactly how much I need to weigh to fit into it but because it is vintage, fitted, and zip up, I can't really change anything about it to help with my fears. I figure that I will just have to watch everything for the next few months and try it on every so often (oh darn...) to make sure it fits.
  • I am worried too! I purchased my dress in November last year, and the size 8 wouldn't zip. I told them I planned on loosing 15 pounds, but they convinced me to order the 12 anyway. I tried on a 12 of a different dress by the same designer, and it was already big, but I took their advice anyway. Now I'm down 7 pounds since November and my dress is supposed to come in this month. I know it's going to be huge, and will be even bigger when I loose 8 more pounds. I don't know why I listened to them. I'm afraid the alterations will ruin the look of the dress. 

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    I was for a time...but i have worked on losing weight...and I try mine on every few months! 
  • I'm afraid too. I ordered mine last August and it came in this past December. Since then I have tried it on once when it came in and once in April. Both times it fit perfectly, no alterations except for hem. This is every girls dream, no? Not mine. I am an emotional eater and with the stress of my parents going through an ugly and nasty divorce and just wedding stress I'm bound to start shoving my face with anything that I see...it's called my See-Food diet. I'm just trying super hard to watch what I eat and make sure I get to the gym. Hopefully once the alterations start in August I'll be a bit more at ease.
  • I'm only slightly worried.  I ordered my dress in February and it should come in either this month or next month. I haven't gained or lost anything since then so hopefully it'll fit okay. 
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  • I actually somehow gained 8lbs before my first try on. Who does that? I've just been very busy and eating a lot of take-out. No more of that! The dress fit, but I really want to lose 10lbs before my alterations session in August. I'm pretty active and don't eat junk food, but something has to give. I feel like the only bride in the world who gains weight after buying her dress!
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    I've been gaining weight because of work stress and stress eating :-( . 

    I got a corset back on purpose just in case I'm a little bloated from all the yummy Disney food on my wedding day - I figured even after a dress fitting there'd be a little wiggle room.

  • I bought my dress off the rack so I know how much I have to lose.  It was slightly tight and the buttons up the back wouldn't button so I know about ten pounds MUST be lost, as that area is all lace so there's not too much wiggle room.  I just haven't quite gotten around to being motivated to start that task.  In fact, I think I may have put on a few pounds since I bought it.  Ugh.
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