Blank Slate Wedding Venues/Experiences in Philly?

Hi All, I am very new to wedding planning, so excuse me if my questions come across as a bit...beginner :) I am interested in having a slightly less traditional wedding in one of Philly's "blank slate" venues (such as Crane Arts, Power Plant, etc) that I can decorate as I please. As some backround, I have a $25K - $30K budget, and would love to incorporate vintage decor into my venue (a mix of rentals, and anything I might be able to source on my own). I have a few questions - I would love anyone's input! 1. Does anyone recommend any particular venues for a guest list of 80 - 100 people? I'm interested in a place that's large enough for a dancing, but not so large that the venue looks empty. Bonus points for exposed brick walls. 2. I do not have any event planning experience, wedding-related connections, and I am not particularly crafty (though, I am willing to DIY a few things to stay within my budget if I need to). Is it possible to pull this type of wedding off without a wedding planner, or would you highly recommend one? If so - any suggestions? 3. Does anyone have experience working with an event planning/decor company in this type of space - especially anyone who's incoroporated vintage decor into their wedding? Thanks all - I appreciate any help and advice :)

Re: Blank Slate Wedding Venues/Experiences in Philly?

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