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One of my bridesmaids offered to host a shower for me in the city where my FI's family lives, as well as most of my college friends. SO SWEET!! :) And my mom offered to help her pay for it (not host, just cover costs on some of the bigger things). The BM is fresh out of college and my mom wanted to ensure that it was a nice party. Anyway - the BM throwing the shower ordered and sent invites and when I received mine I saw that my mom is listed as hosting it. My mother is FREAKING out and does NOT want it to look like a gift grab. She's huge on etiquette and is so worried about this. These invites were sent to my FI's family, people my mother doesn't know/doesn't know well. She is extremely embarrassed and doesn't know how to handle the situation. I tried to tell her that it would be okay, and she doesn't need to do any 'hosting' at the shower. But she's still anxious and nervous. 

Has anyone else had anything like this happen before? What would be an appropriate response? 

Re: Hostesses for Bridal Shower

  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    Sorry. I can think of nothing. It's becoming more common for mom's to host, if that'll make her feel better.
  • I absolutely believe that NOBODY will think badly of your mother and I think that it is very sweet that your BM wanted to show that much respect to your mother.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    I'd tell your mother that her being listed as "hostess" is strictly honorary and that your bridesmaid hostess may have felt it was appropriate without realizing different, and not to worry.
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