Question about bikini waxing

Never done this before, wanting to go a few days before my wedding. Anyone have suggestions for a good place to go for waxing? Looking for somewhere in the Delafield/Waukesha/Brookfield vicinity. I want a place that is reasonably priced, does a good job, and hopefully doesn't make it hurt TOO much! I'm so nervous to do it but if there was ever a time to try, it's before my wedding.

Also wondering, since my wedding is on a Saturday, how far in advance should I get waxed? I don't want to be red/bruised/sore/etc for my wedding night, but would also like the wax to last through my 8 day honeymoon we're taking immediately after.
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Re: Question about bikini waxing

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    I don't have suggetions for where to go, unless you want to drive up to Appleton and go to Salon CTI. I go there and see Yolanda, she is awesome.

    Anyway, I would go on the Monday before your wedding. It will be awesomely smooth the first night, but then will get red/bumpy for 2-3 days after. Then it will stay beautifully bare for at least 3 weeks afterward.

    I would use a ton of the cooling cream they give you on your HM, too.

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    When I got it done in the states I never got cooling cream, so you might want to talk to the salon about that or where to purchase it.  You can buy numbing cream, it didn't work for me but you might have better luck.  I would suggest taking 2 pain relievers 30 minutes prior to the appointment.  And let it grow so its at least 1/4 inch.  Also talk to the salon about what they use.  I got it done in Korea and they used strips and I preferred it.  When I got it done in Wisconsin it was this blue wax that once cooled they then pulled it off.  But that is just my personal preference.  Also the more often you get it done the less it will hurt.
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    Go to Ria - she is the best!   She is in Waukesha.  Give her a call and she will tell you everything to do before hand.  She could also help you set the date for when to make the appointment based on how long you want it to last.

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    Vici Capelli at brookfield square does a very good job as well.
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    I'd recommend going at least a couple months before your day to get it done and then again a couple days before the day to do some clean.  Help aleviate some bumps, swelling and rashes... I only know of places around Madison! 
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    Thanks for the tip kellytyler, I checked the website and Ria sounds great!

    Anyone know approximately how long you avoid shaving in order to get the 1/4 inch recommended for waxing? Is that like 3 weeks' worth or what?
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