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I was considering using the RSVP function on my The Knot provided website only. In other words I wouldn't be including a response card in the invitation. Instead my invitation would read something like " please RSVP at www.theknot.com/wedding.... Or by emailing...." Is this wise? I'm a little worried because the website is acting funny today. It errors out when trying to RSVP someone.

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    I would be nervous about using it but I think that it depends on who you are inviting.  I am not sure everyone on my invite list would understand the website or how to rsvp online and I do worry about websites not working properly.  The RSVP card is a nice reminder to people that they need to rsvp because as long as they have the card they obviously haven't responded yet.  I also love getting mail so and am looking forward to the mini flood of cards, even if I am expecting them and know what they will say.  You will probably have to be more diligent and call people who haven't responded in a timely fashion.

    This answer does not deal in anyway with etiquette, I have no idea what the etiquette is re rsvps online vs. through traditional post.  You might want to ask on the Invites and Paper board or the Etiquette board if you don't get enough answers here.
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    I have also heard the Knot tools can be kind of glitchy
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    I've heard the Knot tools can be glitchy. Maybe you can specify your website and a phone number to call in case they have problems rsvping online or don't want to or don't have access to a computer.

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