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Getting married May 2015 and need to lose 65lbs, support buddy? :]

Hi! I got engaged July 2013, and we are getting married May 2015. I've been stressed about when I should look for my wedding dress, I have a good amount of weight to lose. Most people say to find your dress 8 months before you get married. Should I look now and get it in my size now and have it altered before the wedding. Or should I try my best to drop all my weight then look for a dress later? I am 5'4 and weigh at 205 I am having such a hard time getting motivated. I want to feel and look my best on this big day but I can't get my gym groove back. I used to hit the gym 6 days a week now I'm lucky if I even get 3 days a week. It would be nice if someone on here is getting married in May 2015 that would like to join me on getting in shape before the big day!

Re: Getting married May 2015 and need to lose 65lbs, support buddy? :]

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    I'm not getting married until December 2015, but I was contemplating doing the dress when I'm not at my ideal weight or just waiting until I get to a better place.  What I decided is to wait until I feel a little better about myself before I try on dresses.  The last thing I want to do is feel horrible in dresses and not find anything, that will not motivate me at all.  So right now, I'm working my tail off to get into wedding dress shopping shape :)
  • my wedding is June 2015, ill join you, I need to loose about 25 pounds if not more. I already got my dress but my bridal salon offered to do a full exchange before feb 2015 to get a smaller size of my dress if I lose the weight, right now the dress fits me like a glove but def need to loose weight still and I want to look and feel better in my dress too.
  • i also just started using the knot's bridalicious boot camp dvd and it kicks your butt! but I just started it today so i don't know if it will have success yet, but it deff works your heart up and everything else!

  • I'd love to join! my wedding is in may 2015 too! im scared to go look for dresses too and am putting it off until I can at least lose half of the 40lbs (or at least 30!) lbs that I want to lose until then. PM me and we can chat :)
  • I'd love to join, too! I'm a May 2015 bride-to-be, about the same height and weight as the OP. I joined Weight Watchers last week, and I've started a simple workout routine, but need all the help I can get in staying motivated!
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  • I'm a June 2015 bride-to-be and ideally would love to lose 40-45 pounds... I have absolutely zero motivation and would love to team up.  
  • I wanna join in too! :) I got engaged at Easter, and am getting married May 23, 2015. I have about 80lbs to lose and i'm starting to lose my motivation. It be great to have some fellow brides to keep me motivated.
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  • Sorry I haven't logged on to the knot in awhile I figured I wouldn't get much replies but I did! Yay! Do you ladies have instagram or fb? I am so ashamed I gained 5 more lbs! :[

    I am also trying to diy a few things in my wedding as well! :]

    you can search me on instagram: buzzkillbeast05
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    I'm not on instagram, is anyone on MFP?  My user name is BreMurie if you want to add me :)
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    I'm getting married in May 2015 and would like to lose between 25-30 lbs. I have a couple of dress appointments in about 4 weeks and I am semi-dreading it. Eek!
  • My MFP name is buzzkillbeast5 :]

    I still can't figure out how to search and request people on there lol.
  • I've been trying to get back into the groove of going to the gym 6 days a week, I don't know how I managed to do that before. I used to go in the morning before work and again after work but I stopped and when I think to myself now I regret that  I did otherwise I wouldn't be here freaking out bout my weight. My weight is really holding me back from even looking for a dress. I would be happy with 140!
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    I'm not super savvy at adding people but I'll try to add you :)

  • I'm getting married July 2015 and I need to lose 50 pounds! I'm doing a low carb diet and working out about 4 days a week. I'm on IG under ABZMQ, I would love to support each other! I post food and workout stuff here and there, but a lot of pics are of my son :)
  • June of 2015 and want to join in! I am doing a modified Optifast with supervision and plan on being down to 145 by D Day :) Also walking and swimming. Let's all be each other's cheerleaders!
  • Hi everyone, I may be late in starting the challenge as I just discovered this post today. Can I please join the group? I don't have instagram but I do have fb. I hate working out and it would be nice to have some motivational buddies!
  • I too am getting married in May. I don't want to lose weight as I already have my dress. But I would love to tone up because my dress is form fitting!
  • Hi! I got engaged in July 2013 AND am getting married in May 2015 AND could lose 50+ pounds as well! I wanna join this thread as weight loss is s-l-o-w... I just ordered my dress last weekend and want to be closer to my goal by the first fitting. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently doing the PiYo program by beachbody. Are we still doing a FB group? Would LOVE to join!
  • Hi!  I'm also super late to this board, but I got engaged In January, and we're getting married June 2015!  At this point I'm hoping to drop about 30-40 lbs and have been struggling to get motivated myself!  I'm starting Focus T25 TONIGHT and have been trying to keep myself as close to clean eating as possible!  I have ordered my dress- and would actually love to pay to need it taken in in a few months!

    Have you all created a FB group? I'd definitely love to be a part of giving/receiving motivation from you ladies!

  • Me too!! I'm getting married in May 2015….just got my dress and need to lose at least twenty pounds before the big day…need all the buddies and motivation I can get :)
  • Also a May 2015 bride. Tried on a few dresses a few weeks ago and the harsh reality of my weight gain since last fall became clear. Would like to lose 20 pounds (trying to lose about 15 before the end of November just so that I can try on dresses and actually buy something this time). I have lost a little over 3 so far. 

    My fiance is being a doll and is supporting me which is helping a lot -- we came up with a point system for a competition between us that gives points for sticking to calorie budget, exercising and losing weight. Negative points for certain things like eating fried food. 
  • Another May 2015 bride to be here! Has a group been set up somewhere where we can all post together like Facebook or...? If so, let me know as I'd love to join! I have 50 lbs to lose. 
  • I'm getting married in April 2015 and need to lose about 30 pounds. I would love to join, too. I bought the floor sample of my dress and it's a bit too small, so I want to fit it without changing the back of it to a corset. Let me know if a group is made :)
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