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Invitation Wording

Okay ladies, I need some advice.  My fiance and I, along with my parents, are paying for most of the wedding expenses.  My future in-laws are paying for my fiance's tux and the rehearsal dinner.  My fiance's mom also is going to put together our silk flowers.  These are the only expenses they are contributing to.  The rest is split between my parents and us about 50/50.  Should we include my fiance's parents on the invitations?  I don't want to cause issues, but I also feel like they're not contributing nearly as much as the rest of us.

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Re: Invitation Wording

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    We wrote something like:

    Jules08 Father and Jules08 Mother
    with DH's Father
    Request the honour of your presence...

    My parents, DH's father, and DH & I all contributed towards the expenses.  My parents contributed the most; however, we felt that didn't matter.  My parents and DH's father supported us 100% and have always been there for us and have helped us grow in our relationship.  We felt that all our parents deserved credit for "hosting" the wedding because to us it went beyond the finacial contributions.

    We did talk to my parents and DH's father and all liked the idea, so we ran with it.


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    I personally don't think you have too-I'm not including any parents names on our invitations, but we are also paying for everything 100% ourselves.  Maybe you could write the following if people start getting really upset about it:

    Mr. and Mrs. Bride's Parents request the honor....

    Your name
    Fiance's name

    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Groom's Parents
  • jackie5387jackie5387 member
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    I agree with jcrew. That is how we worded our invitations. We included their names by saying "son of Mr. and Mrs. ..." I think that is a nice way to do it if they are contributing a little.

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    I think there is an article here on TK that goes over different invite wording.  I think it's under the Ask Carly section, but not 100% sure.  

    They are actually only paying for part of the traditional expenses that the groom's side pays for (the other things they usually pay for are the marriage license, bouts, brides bouquet,  and sometimes the Honeymoon, depends where you look).  You probably could get away with the traditional wording, which is what jcrew suggested. This shows that your parents are the major "hosts" since they paid the most.  It's assumed that his family took on the traditional groom stuff.  I think that would be a good way to include them.  But you'll probably want to come up with your wording and then show them so they know that's how it's going to come out and won't be shocked later on.
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  • BackpackersBackpackers member
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    We're putting both sets of parents on even though one set is contributing WAY more than the other. I just think it's my future husbands parents and they deserve to be mentioned on the invite. We're doing what Jules is doing. Actually, I pretty much agree with her entire post. :)
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    Agreed with "Backpackers."  It's just courteous to include their names even if they aren't really contributing that much cash.  It's your FI's wedding too, and they did give birth to him.  I was considering leaving my FI's parents names off the invites, but then I thought about it, and said to myself that it really wasn't going to hurt anybody to include them, but someone might get hurt if they weren't.  Besides, with most invitaions you don't pay by the letter! :)

    I put:  Portia  & Chris
              together with their parents
              Mr. and Mrs. Jim
              and Mr. and Mrs. Phil

              request the honor of your presence to their wedding
               Saturday, the eleventh of December 2010

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    You should include them. We are paying for most of it, but my parents chipped in and his mom and step-dad are doing the rehearsal and paying for flowers.This is our wording... There are also great suggestions for the beginning part on verseit.com.  Good luck!

    Because you have shared in our lives
    by your friendship and love, we
    together with our parents
    invite you to share
    the beginning of our new life together
    when we exchange marriage vows
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    Thanks for all the advice!  I really appreciate it!
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