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Welcome to the Wisconsin board! I am Becky and I am the Mod for this board. I have put together a lot of useful information for people that are new to TK and maybe some people that are not so new! First, we have a website for WI knotties that has lots of cool info, "vendor reviews" and "for sale". Check it out!!!  http://wisconsinknottie.weebly.com/

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Re: Welcome to the Wisco Board! READ FIRST

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    Advice from msteph82:

    Take it all in and enjoy, it will be the best day of your life, so far! 

    1.  Go on a date before your wedding.  We went on Thursday and it was perfect.  We ordered drinks, had a wonderful meal and got back to what the wedding was all about - us. 

    2.  Take at least THREE times during your day to steal away some time for you and your groom.  As soon as we walked back down the aisle, we locked ourselves in the coatroom.  We took a moment when we were taking pictures and again at the reception.  Take in the day - look around A LOT.  Thank everyone and tell them you love them.

    3.  PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS when you are planning.  Not on the day of.  You won't care on the day of because you'll be so freaking happy and the little details will not matter.  You have a groom? Check!  Okay, good to go. 

    4.  Don't worry about sexy underwear under your dress.  You will sweat so much your underwear will smell like someone died.  Shower and then put on your sexy stuff for your HUSBAND! :)

    5.  Don't worry about your hair/arms/dress or anything else once you start walking down the aisle.  It won't matter.  Nothing else will except your groom.  Lock eyes with him and let everything else melt away.

    6.  Enjoy it!  Smile, laugh, just be married.  The world's stress can wait for another day. 

    7.  Be sure to wear comfy shoes to the reception. 

    8.  When you get tired, and you will, keep going.  Keep jumping, dancing, running around, having fun.  You can rest tomorrow.  But don't take it easy.  You only get one night, suck every moment out of it that you can.  It's 2 days after our wedding now and I'm still extremely sore, but I'm so glad I am.

    9. Do it on your wedding night.  We were beat, but it's some of the best sex we've ever had.  It was so amazing knowing he is my husband.

    10.  Your wedding day will be the most wonderful and happiest day of your life to date.  You won't understand this yet, but when you say I Do, you will.  And when you see that ring on your husband's finger, you will understand what sexy really is.

    11. Find someone to be your day of coordinator or hire someone.  My friend Liz was phenomenal and made the day so seamless and easy.  

    12.  Pee backwards on the toilet (straddle it facing the wall) - you will be able to pee by yourself this way.  :)
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    Advice from gundy21:

    The 4/11 Knotties did some advice sharing, too - this was my post...

    Have one last date night with your FI before the wedding.  We had family arriving on the Wednesday before the wedding, so on Tuesday night the two of us went out to dinner at one of our favorite places and just enjoyed an evening together.  

    Trust your vendors.  You picked them for a reason - they are professionals and will address the little things that will come up during the day.

    Don't let the weather get you down.  We got snowed on (mid-April)!  Not really what I was hoping for....but the outdoor pics turned out fabulous and it helped make the day more memorable.

    Try to get good sleep the week before the wedding - just in case you don't sleep well the night before. 

    Most important - laugh, smile, and have fun!
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