Bridal gown shops in Milwaukee area

Just visited my first shop and tried on my first wedding gowns. It was at Eva's Bridal in Oak Creek. I liked the dresses quite a bit, and totally fell in love with one in particular! The shop won't disclose the name of the designer and also removed the tags from the gown. The store associate said it's to protect the shop from me going out and buying the same gown cheaper somewhere else or online. I'm very interested in knowing the designer of the dress in question, but they only disclose that information to me after I place a down payment.

I get the point, but is that common practice in all or most bridal shops? And I really liked Eva's Bridal and their gowns, but I'm definitely going to shop around for awhile yet before committing to one. Anyone have recommendations for shops based on selection and customer service? Thanks!
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Re: Bridal gown shops in Milwaukee area

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    It's called 'tag ripping' and yes a lot of shops do it, even mine Amelishan in Richland.  I don't really care because I don't care about labels on my every day clothes, however, it does stink that it doesn't allow you to comparison shop.

    You should shop around any way, not just because of this practice.  I only went to one shop though because I don't like trying on clothes.

    GOOD LUCK!  Glad you found something you like, that's the first step!

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    I got my gown from Stone Manor in Cedarburg. They do not remove the labels or price tags there, which I found to be great! They are also extremely helpful and have a great selection.
    Also, try looking at designers collections online. Maybe you'll come across your dress :-)
    Good luck!
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    It's called "tag ripping" as a pp mentioned.

    The problem with it is less about caring about a designer name, it's just a very shady practice.  Many brides and past brides refuse to give them service because of this.  The common theme is that the customer service in these stores are also not known for high marks.

    Many in my family, myself included, went to the Bridal Event in Appleton.  Huge selection and very friendly / knowledgeable staff.  You get your own consultant for as long as you want and you get your own suite to try dresses on in.

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    I went to David's Bridal and had good service.  I recommend going on a weekday.  It can be a total zoo on a Saturday! 
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    I also purchased my dress at Eva's and loved the uniqueness of their selection compaired to most stores in our area. What I did was signed up for their mailing list and a few weeks later received a coupon in the mail for 20% off that I used to purchase the dress. I also have a friend that just flat out said she would purchase the dress of they took $200 off. They did and she bought it. ONE BIG THING- have you dress altered someplace else. Eva's has a flat $300 fee. I went someplace locally and she said my alterations would be around $50-70...big difference!

    One add'l note, I was also referred to my photographer by Eva's and ended up booking her. Her name is Katie Toman Photography and she had a very creative portfolio as well and the most reasonable pricing I have seen in our area.

    Her site is www.katietomanphotography.com

    Good luck!!
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    I bought my dress at Stone Manor in Cedarburg. They don't tag rip and the prices are great. They also give you a 10% discount on bridesmaid dresses if you buy your wedding gown there.
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    I also found my dress at Evas. I knew about the tag ripping before I went, but I thought it was worth a shot anyways. I didnt' care for the staff there not to mention the dress was out of my price range.  I called after I left the store and asked what designers they carry as if I were a new customer that had never been there! They told me a few, I looked at those designers websites and found my dress online in about 30 minutes! HA! Take that tag rippers!!!
    I just went this past weekend to Kathryn's Bridal in McHenry IL because I called around and they carried the same dress. The staff was VERY nice, not pushy, gave me space and time to decide! I ended up buying the dress there instead. If you really like the dress from Evas it might be worth doing a little investigative work! Saved me money and gave me piece of mind!
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    Check out Savvy Bride in Brookfield.  They don't do the whole tag ripping thing and they are reasonably priced and provide awesome service.
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    I got mine at the Bridal Event in Appleton as well.  They are SUPER friendly, you dont need an appointment, and all the tags are on.  I definetly recommend them to anyone
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    I'd steer clear of stores that do tag ripping.  I've heard of stores here in Miami which tag rip and then claim the dresses are part of their private label.  If they're doing shady things like that, I'd feel like I can't trust them.  For example, if they tag rip, you'll have no way of knowing whether the price they're charging for the dress is fair or not until you pay - what if they're overcharging you?

    Zita Bridal in Whitefish Bay carries a lot of nice brands ... never shopped there, but I've admired their dresses many a time.
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