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Slideshow program suggestions

I am currently working on putting together a slideshow for our wedding reception. Are there any programs or websites that you suggest I work with? I was planning on just using PowerPoint, however I've seen some really cute ones with various options I know you cannot get from PowerPoint. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)


Re: Slideshow program suggestions

  • Not to be a party pooper, but my suggestion would be not to do one. Or if you do, have it off to the side on a small screen so people can view it if they choose. I find the projected slideshows boring and AWish. Unless you are getting rind of the dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet/ gated toss - there is plenty of stuff your guests are being captivated by. As a guest I don't like to see slide show tacked on as one more thing keeping me in my seat. GL! :)
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  • That's exactly what we're doing. I've been to weddings before where they just drag on as you're forced to watch them. At our venue, there are TV's in the bar (like physically IN the bar) and we were just going to have it play on those throughout the night and possibly just have it show on a screen on our stage during the cocktail hour so they CAN watch it if they want, but no one is forced to. More of a background type of thing.
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