Outdoor Ceremony Sites near Burlington, WI

My Fiance and I have booked our reception in Burlington, WI; however, we are having a hard time finding the right ceremony location.  We are looking for an outdoor venue to hold at least 200 people, with a backup location if it is raining.  I would also like some type of water near the spot.  Lake Geneva is my number one location preference, but I am also open to any sites in the surrounding area.  Any suggestions?

Re: Outdoor Ceremony Sites near Burlington, WI

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    Where is your reception?  The new Veteran's Building is between a small lake and the Fox river.  My fiance and I checked it out.  My parents live in Burlington.  I don't know the area that well, but I'm sure there are beautiful places all over Lake Geneva too.

    Lots of parks and lakes in the area.  
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    The reception is at the Veterance building, but the patio they have for outdoor weddings looks too smail for my wedding.  That amd I am not sure I want everyone in one location for the whole day. 
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