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Great Info for brides

Re: Great Info for brides

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    Before I was engaged I knew from enough weddings that photography was as important as food.  

    Photography is an art, so hire an artist.  (Not a friend or a mas company with a random person they send out.) Hire THE photographer.

    I know my photos will be amazing.

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    My photographer told me "Photos are an investment, others are an expense"  Pay more for the investment than you would an expense.  That helped a lot.

    ~ Missie

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    hmmmm op the link u provided just makes me wonder about these photographers, well at least this one. If truly bad weekend-warriors are out there they will work their way out of the industry themselves as they wont get new business. My parents have a friend that does photography as a hobby and local photographers weren't happy about it because she started to do things like senior pictures (she did mine) and the "professionals" were getting really upset over it because of her quality of work (awesome!).  the professional making the biggest stink also cost the most and imo had the worst pictures (i knew someone who went to them and sets didn't match attire, there was mud on their shoes and was never told and it got included in their pictures) I think anyone really needs to look at previous work, check references and reviews and compare. Just like hiring anyone for a job in a company you are hiring these people to do a job for you. If someone hired you without checking references what would u think about their company? could you see yourself being happy there?

    sorry it got kinda long
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