Vendor Review Fox Valley Area

My future sister-in-law just had her wedding this past weekend and I was standing up.  So I thought I woud give a review from a bridesmaid/guest perspective.

Starlight Club: B+
The hall was nice.  The area we had had two bars which was nice.  The food was good and the service too.  The only thing I did not like was they had to remove tables to give a dance floor.  When they did that they cleared all the tables and you saw the duct taped tables underneath.  Other than that it wasn't bad.

Bridal Elegance and Formal wear: F
I had to get my bridesmaids dresse from here and my FI got his tux here too.  It was horrible! First I am from out of town so I had to call my measurements in.  Then when I got the dress it was two sizes too big.  That shouldn't have happen if they have my mesurements.  Since the dress was so big I payed 4 times more then I should have to get it altered.  Then to top things off my FI tux was botched as well.  The shirt didn't fit the neck so they got a smaller size but the smaller size wasn't long enough.  So they took a piece of fabric (not the same color) and sewed it on as an extention with black thred on a white shirt.  The next worse thing was his pants had about six inches in the under hem.  Well of course my FI did not realize this (who would!) and rip the hem when trying them on.  Then it took two people to fix the hem.  Well that didn't work because on the day of the wedding the stiching came loose and the extra fabric came off.  So an hour before the wedding we had to pin it back up.  There were other problems with tuxs and dresses but I didn't hear what happen.  However since my FI had such a problem he wanted his money back but the owner says this is how we do things and "Maybe you should have not stood up in the wedding".  The whole experience was horrible.  The women that worked there are rude and not helpful at all. I have never gotten such horrible service and I have been in quite a few weddings.

So if this is wrong but it felt important to share.

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