Ceremony Musicians???

PLEASE HELP!!  I'm trying to find a reasonably priced person(s) to play music for my church wedding this August and am having trouble staying near my $200-$250 price range.  I'm looking for either a solo piano and/or piano AND violin/cello accompaniment (haven't decided if I want to go just solo piano yet, but piano is a must!)  Can you ladies give me ideas/reviews of people you've used for your ceremony music? 


Re: Ceremony Musicians???

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    Oh, P.S. looking for someone in the FdL/Fox Cities area!
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    Lawrence has a good music program.  Could you post on a bulletin board in the school?  $200 is a ton of money for a college student, so they might take the job. 
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    Lawrence, UWGB's music department, UWO's music department, possibly Marian in FdL.   Check with music departments of the UW System 2 year campuses as well.
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    If I wasn't getting married this August I would volunteer my services (I play violin)!

    You should send messages to the music departments of Lawrence and UW Oshkosh. They both have piano and string students. UW Green Bay does not have a string program to my knowledge, but I could very well be wrong.

    In the email ask if your message can be forwarded to the appropriate faculty or the department gig list. Give your name, email, phone number, wedding date, city your wedding is being held in, how much you are willing to pay(per person) and the specific instruments needed. This should generate some responses.

    Good luck!!

    (p.s. If you are not turning up any leads, please message me. I am from Appleton, and I may be able to help you out some more.)

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