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So starts another week

How was the weekend?  What's up for the week?

Ours was tame.  Errands and a rainy parish picnic.  We did go out to dinner Sunday and officially became a table of 5.  No more squeezing a high chair at a 4 top because Max wants a seat too.

Tomorrow we're meeting friends from BFE at the zoo, but of course it's supposed to storm. I need to buy my nieces' birthday presents and do some stuff for Father's Day.  6let has a plan: DH gets to sleep in, then we give him coffee and gifts- coffee mugs (OSU and Miami U), cologne (because he noticed it was almost gone), and then we're going to draw some fish on paper ask a certificate to buy his fishing license. (we'll wrap that with hotdogs for bait).  After gifts we'll go buy DH's license and go fishing.  Then it's out to dinner at DH's choice, "Maybe the place with fish and chips!" This kid should be a party planner.




Re: So starts another week

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    I have one dead car, one OOT husband, one sad DefConn, one sassy kiddo, a nasty cough I can't shake, and a partridge in a pear tree.  ;) 

    Friday was good.  I worked a half day, got a hair cut, went to get pedi's and late lunch with BFF/SIL, and then we just hung out the rest of the night at the house.  

    Saturday, we went to lunch with all of the IL's.  When we got home, I went to the minute clinic for my cough.  No diagnosis, but I did get some albuterol and codeine.  BIL and SIL were at the house and we all got ready to go to a wedding reception.  On our way, when we got off the exit for my parents house (they were watching DefConn) and  the car went cuh-razy.  We limped to my mom and dad's where it died for good.  My dad let us borrow his car to get to the wedding.  My IL's took us back to my parents to drop off their car and pick up DefConn and took us home.  

    Sunday, spent the morning arranging for a tow truck to get the car and getting DH packed for his trip.  DefConn started randomly running a low-grade fever and was just whiny all day long.  Dropped DH at the airport (we'd never done it and DefConn was *not* a fan) and went to my sister's for dinner.  

    DefConn seemed better this morning (no fever) so off to the sitter he went.  Talked to the dealership and they'll call me ASAP (probably tomorrow) about the car. 
  • Our weekend was full of baseball.

    We started out bright and early with two games saturday morning for a tournament for Son's travel team.  We won both of those and ended up with the 3 seed out of 15.

    Then we sat in the rain for the championship game for his little league team's city tournament.  We won!  After the game, the coach's wife had a section reserved for the team at a restaurant with 100 wings (she's the manager).  They underestimated how much 10 pre-teens could eat and had to order 50 more wings and several plates of fries.

    Yesterday we finished out the travel team tournament with 3 more games, including the championship game.  We lost that one and ended up with 2nd place.  It was Son's birthday and I brought cupcakes for everyone for after the games were done.  The team and parents sang happy birthday to him.

    It was too late to go out to eat (8:00pm) so we just picked up pizza on the way home.  We'll take him out later this week.

  • Conn - is this the new car you just bought before Defconn was born?

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    Boo to car troubles and cranky kids.  Is it possible DefConn is growing?  It sounds strange but when 6let is growing he's cranky, hurts, and runs a low fever. 

    Yay for good baseball!

    I forgot our donut day excursion.  5 free donuts for walking in Krispy Kreme, 5 free donuts for donut day we didn't find out about until after ordering a dozen donuts.  22 donuts y'all. 

  • tawillers said:
    Conn - is this the new car you just bought before Defconn was born?
    That would be the one.  :( 

    We'll see.  It's a blessing and a curse having DH OOT.   He usually deals with the car stuff, but it's not really affecting us being down to only one car.  
  • Ugh.  That is teh suck.

  • @6fsn - It may be growth, but I think there's just so much going on.  We're packing up the house, DH just started a new job, I know H and I are feeling a little more on edge than normal with everything that is going on.  Both kids are feeling all of that and just feeding off of it.  It's definitely making for some challenging times around here. 
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    @mrs.conn23.  I'm sorry it's a rough time.  It WILL get better though.
  • GAH, I'm sorry MrsConn :(. Cars are teh suck, closely followed by crankyass toddlers.

    Weekend was OK. Sat was packed with errands, I was in a pissy mood on Sunday (hell, I think everyone was), church stuff didn't help all that much.

    And the few electrical fixes I had planned, NONE of them worked out. Wanted to replace light fixtures and put some three prong plugs in the new office. Took a while to map out the breaker box and circuits. Then, I opened up the fixtures and plugs. No ground wire!!! Stupid old house. So, had to put the brakes on that while I consult with my dad on what to do. Which may involve me running a ground wire to the appropriate locations. Sh!t.

    And I replaced a heater module in the bathroom fan. Factory parts, swap out modules, easy peasy, right? So i turned the power back on. Lights and vent fan all good. Heater on, no heater fan, coils overheated and burned out the fuse. Again! Srsly!?!!?

    And this is supposed to be my WAH day, but I'm in the office. And it's raining. Pooper.
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  • So, if you don't have kids, it seems like the only people you end up hanging out with are younger than you.  Who want to party like it's 1999 for Varuna here.  I saw the sun come up on Saturday morning.  It was fun, but I walked around with one eye closed on Saturday.  Sunday we were supposed to be at a game day with friends.  We ate at Panda Express before going.  I don't think I had food poisoning, but something about the food did not agree with me and I had to go home after only about an hour.  I still feel rather blah.

    It's one helluva busy week.  I have a craft party tomorrow night, film club Wednesday night, Zumba Thursday night, DH's fundraiser Friday night, gardening party Saturday morning.  I might just die.  

    Somewhere in there I've got to get magnets and business cards ordered for pride parade.  The lady who does our graphic design for the group is as anal as I am about things and it's a good/bad combination.  Good b/c she understands when I'm like "the sizing is just a bit off, can you fix that?" and doesn't yell at me; bad b/c if we're both being anal about something, it can take awhile to fix.  I say that b/c she is having to fix the backgrounds b/c the rainbow stripes aren't in the right order.  It's not just rainbow = gay, there are specific colors used, in a specific order, b/c each stripe actually has an assigned meaning.  It's always kind of bothered me that it gets treated like "rainbow = gay" and if I can have it right on my stuff, I want it right!
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    Dang V, that's a lot of stuff.
  • Jeez V.

    Hole up with a good book, call in dead ;)
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    Tame here too. Friday Buffy and I had a play-date--moms got to chat, the kids mostly behaved well (yay socialization!) Saturday we went and bought father's day gifts and went to the cemetery to plant flowers (I sometimes have mixed feelings about bringing Buffy along--but I'd rather have her see it as something awesome we do for people we miss than to have it get skipped. She picked out a miniature rose bush--which should be lovely there). Post nap-failure, we had to go to meijer after which bedtime ended w/ me threatening to pull her sorry butt out of bed and put her in a time out until she fell asleep. Yesterday the Mr. and I dealt w/ brush/trimming trees (he's not allowed to operate the chainsaw home alone. He's accident prone and he's kinda stupid about such things, then dropped Buffy w/ MIL (they wanted to keep her overnight), went to a friend's birthday party, and the Mr went to bed at 8pm, I stayed up for 4 more hours to fail to find any jobs to apply to.
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    Dang, Conn. Between the moving stuff, the kids being all out of sorts and a busted car, I feel for you. You need a drank. My weekend was pretty nice. Saturday I laid in bed until nearly 10am, got up, hung out with H all day (who was touchy and cranky---I insulted his sensitive sensibilities right before work---oops) and then I went and spent about 2 hours with my parents at their new house (so close, kind of awesome). And then back home to sleeeeep. Sunday morning, H arrived home at 4am, bed by 5am, and I was up around 7. Got out the door, got in my 14 miles, back home, let H sleep until noon, then we went for a bike ride that afternoon. Holy crap, I'm tired today. Also, back at work and not happy about it. I hate feeling like this, I wish I could just suck it up and move on---focus on stuff rather than the fact that i don't want to be here anymore.
  • It'll be alright.  Most of it is fun with people I like, so I'll make it.  Maybe.  :D
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    And why does TK suck and no paragraphs appear for me? *sigh* WGP yo.
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    ftrMrs0 said:
    And why does TK suck and no paragraphs appear for me? *sigh* WGP yo.
    Yup, translated mine to wallo'text too
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