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1 Year in the books and a million more to go !

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Hey ladies...long time no talk to...I miss you ladies !!!

So me and the MR. celebrated our one yr anny on our actual day 5/25 and then this past weekend in Myrtle Beach ! We had such an awesome time rekindleing and re-evaluating our 1st yr as Mr and Mrs. It was the best and im praying for many mores of marital bliss with my amazing hubby !!!

Now here comes my bullet points lol

● always remember why you fell in love and decided to get married. (I questioned if we were doing the right thing)
● when arguing or having a disagreement, remember to listen, dont scream at one another, don't bring the past into the current, (im still learning this myself lol) if need to walk away, go to sleep, leave but still say I love you ! (Its ok to go to bed mad, you'll have a clear head in the morning)
● let your hubby know how much you appreciate him, say thank you and don't always point out 10 bad things over 1 good thing. (They get emotional and mushy just like we do and likes to hear thank you, I appreciate you too)
● always pray for him, be supportive. He will have his moments when he questions if he's being a good husband and father.
●befriend another married person, you will need them, its better to go to them then mama, (mama be ready cut a ninja, while your friend will just want to tell him he knows better lol) its ok to still talk to your single friends but watch it, cause sometimes they love to hear your not happy especially if they're single or going thru a ruff time w/their SO. I so thank God for @RanyattaCasey‌ , she has been a true friend this past yr !, along with a couple other people.
● remember to date one another, still put on some sexy lingere once in while, make time for one on one time , especially if you work alot, have school, and most importantly have kids, life can get in the way and can tare you apart and you won't even notice it.
●last but not least...keep God in your marriage and everything else will fall into place.
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Re: 1 Year in the books and a million more to go !

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