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Signature Drink Names . . .

Hi everyone! I need help with picking a signature drink name for myself.  We are having a apple pie shot called "appley ever after" for his and a pumpkin pie martini for myself.  However, I can't think of anything creative for it!  Please help :)

Thank you everyone!

Re: Signature Drink Names . . .

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    ElcaBElcaB member
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    A Smashing Couple
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    Pumpkin Pie Martini and Apple Pie Shot.  The drinks already have names.  If you give it some cutesy name I can't ever order it again because I don't know what it actually is.  
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    I like the "A smashing couple" one ( I am not a creative person when it comes to names). To show people what it you could put the name of it and what it is in parentheses. As in A smashing couple (pumpkin pie maritini) Just so people will know what it is. :) I have never had a pumplin pie martini but that seriously sounds amazing!!
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    PepperallyPepperally member
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    How about "Pumpkin Love". Or "Fall in Love".  Pumpkins, fall, get the picture. 
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    Pumpkin'd the question
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    Thank you all for your amazing suggestions! Hnbright2010 that is what I plan on doing :) I am creating a sign for the bar that says "signature drinks", his and hers and then it will explain what it is made with as well as the actual drink name. 
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