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YAY Wednesday

Three days down, two to go.  ;) We skyped with DH last night.  DefConn was a total goober. 

We have a nice distraction tonight.  The kids are going to hang at my parent's while my sister takes me to a screening of "Dirty Dancing" at movie/restaurant place (Studio Movie Grill).  

I guess there was an uncomfirmed tornado in the area yesterday.  It went right through my sitter's neighborhood.  There was debris all over the place and a trampoline in someone's front yard.  Turns out it was lifted over the person's house and thrown down the street into a couple cars, busting out their windows.  I was awake during the storm, but didn't think anything of it. 

Re: YAY Wednesday

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    Dang. It's supposed to rain off and on today.  We're also supposed to have tee ball and my parents are supposed to come.  I'll be sending the day looking out the window. 

    This morning I need to hit Home Depot for my dad's present.  Then Costco for DH's drug meds.  Then somewhere to let these beasts play.

  • My parents are coming up to watch Son's last regular-season game tonight.  We'll all go out to eat before as a late lunch/early dinner.

    It has been raining lightly for several hours. I hope the game doesn't get postponed.

    I'm shopping The Children't Place's flash sale right now.  DD1 really needs summer clothes, so this is perfect.  I only have 12 days before vacation and Son still needs a summer wardrobe.  Yeah, that snuck up on me fast.

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    Shopdiscover has 5% back on Children's Place by going through their site.
  • Happy birthday @tawillers!!  :) 
  • Thank you!  DD1 remembered first thing when she woke up.  It was adorable.

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    Meh.  Today is better than the last two days which I spent in pissy-land.  I hate when I'm in a mood, and I know there is little to change that mood, even if I try. 

    I AM happy that my running is going well lately.  That is something.  Something small, but I'll take it.  AND I get to get out of the office today run around a bit and enjoy the weather. 
  • I'm having a headache and sinus pressure that just won't quit.  Someone brought in one of those Glade air freshners the other day and it just reeked.  I finally told him it had to go yesterday, b/c somehow it was getting stronger as time wore on.  I think it might've actually set off an allergic reaction yesterday, then mixed with today's weather nonsense, I'm a wreck.  And I don't have time for it.

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    I hate smelly stuff V.  It kills DH's and my sinuses. It's one reason we have issues staying with any of the ILs. 
  • VarunaTT said:
    I'm having a headache and sinus pressure that just won't quit. 

      ^^^ this
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    weather headaches are always the things that make me say "REALLY, you want the bathroom to smell like pine tree chemicals and poop?"

    It's pouring rain here.

    But in GOOD AWESOME news, FIL's cancer has not metastasized.  That doesn't give us an answer to treatment/plans/etc, but, we'll take what we can get today.
    (and, crummy as it is to say this--yay for the timing for preschool?  I know every grandparent thinks Buffy is an awesome distraction [she is], and she has spent considerable time in doctors offices/oncologist offices w/ my parents...but I don't need people having to worry about their schedule, her schedule and doctor schedules.  )
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