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Hair Styles for the heat?

It's heating up in the Northeast and I've been back and forth with how to wear my hair. I thought I wanted to wear my hair half up half down but if the weather is humid or really hot, I may have to put it totally up. My concern is my back looks kind of muscular and the back is kind of low. looking for a few opinions, should I wear it down or just pull it up and show off my hard work? 

Re: Hair Styles for the heat?

  • I keep going back and forth as well... July wedding in the Northeast... I am still leaning towards half up half down. Your back looks great- I would much rather my back be muscular than have the 2 scars on my shoulder that I have!!! I do think that a half down would look nice with that dress though!!! You could always pull it all the way up later when the formal pics are done.

  • I think your body looks great!!!! I would go all the way up (I am, also... july is way to hot in nj)  if you leave it down it may frizz up and you want to spend the day enjoying yourself, not worrying about your hair.!

    either way though, you look great! and that dress is gorgeous!!
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