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Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

Hi! I am getting married at Now Amber in Oct and I need recommendations for the following vendors:

- Flower shops (planning on making centerpieces)

- DJ


Thanks for your help :)

Re: Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

  • Hi.  Not sure if you've made any progress here or not but I'm getting married at Now Amber in December..getting a bit overwhelmed with the "additional hidden fees" etc.  I've heard people mention the local farmers markets and or going to Sams Club for flowers.  If you go the farmers market route- go early as they can sell out. 

    Haven't found a DJ and I'm bringing my own photographer- shes doing the wedding photos for free and is willing to do some additional throughout the stay but I'm paying for her trip plus an assistant (her husband) which is $2800 total.  I decided it was worth it since it's what we'll have to show our kids and grandkids and I trust she'll do a great job. I actually had another photographer local in TX reach out to me asking if we would be interested in him photographing ours and offered to do it at a big discount because it would be a partial vacation for him and his wife.  Talk to everyone- local vendors, friends, etc.  I've seen a couple photographers besides the recommended from Now.  These are a couple in the PVR area that looked decent but not sure pricing, etc:
    - Jillian Mitchell Photography,

    I am struggling with a decision on DJ, too.  I havent found any that I felt comfortable with yet and am concerned about them having the type of music you'd hear at a wedding in the US and their ability to interact with our guests and keep the party going like we want...

    Good luck and let me know if and what you find out, too!

  • Hi, I am less than two months away! I desperately wanted to get married at Dream PV, so working with NOW has been a chore. We are using Car & Mel photography. Super reasonable for two photographers for 6 hours. We will be buying all flowers from the farmers market, Costco, or Walmart. My FMIL will scout it out two days prior to the wedding. I don't have my heart set on any one type of flower so I am good with whatever we find. For the DJ-we booked DJ Chris Love and you can see some of his stuff on facebook. I too am worried about the music and he said that we can provide him with a play list ahead of time for him to work off of. I understand that NOW wants to make a profit off of weddings but you think that bringing 50+ people would be a consideration. I refuse to pay $3K for decorations. We will be bringing everything with us.
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