Good or bad idea?

FI and I are big beer drinkers as well as many of our friends and family. I work at a brewery and he is a home brewer. I found really adorable (and affordable!) personalized beer coozies on etsy.com. Personally, if we were to receive coozies at a wedding, FI and I would definitely use them after the wedding. We've discussed brewing two different beers together (probably a pilsner and and IPA of some sort) to bottle and also give as favors with cute little logo stickers. Maybe have a place on the RSVP card to check which beer they preferred. On a table when you first walk into the reception area, we would have a table set up with the beers in the coozies with a little tag with their name and table number printed on it. What are your thoughts?

Re: Good or bad idea?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    If you do Koozies don't personalize them. No one really wants a Koozie that has your name or wedding date on it.

  • Lot of 50 To Have and to Hold and to Keep Your Beer Cold Wedding Koozie/Coozie favors

    I was leaning towards something like this without the names and dates.

  • csuavecsuave member
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    I'd gladly take the beer home and anyone else's if they didn't want it.  DH would love beer as a favor. 

    We don't use koozies and would leave them behind. 

  • KPBM89KPBM89 member
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    I love the beer as your favor idea, and I know FI would, too.  

    We use koozies a lot because we spend a lot of time outside and we live in the south, but that means we own a lot of them (including some from weddings).  We have certain ones that we use more often than others and if we got another, it would end up in the stack of not so used ones in the cabinet.  

    If you do koozies, I agree to not personalize them.  I actually took one to a concert once that said Mandy and Jeff on it and someone called me Mandy.  The sad part is, I didn't even attend that wedding, my parents did, and I somehow acquired the koozie when I moved.  Also, when you end up with extras, it will be easier to get rid of non-personalized ones.

  • I would definitely not take a personalized koozie.  I have way too much stuff in kitchen junk drawers.  Just put the money towards more beer/drinks/food.  Well-fed guests with plenty to drink = happy guests.
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    We use koozies so I would be fine with that.

    As far as the different kinds of beer, we did wine as our favors and we had a red and a white. Rather than trying to figure out what people would want we alternated them at each place setting. That way each couple got a red and a white. We had very few single people at the wedding so it worked well for us that way.
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    Great ideas! My kid did empty personalized coozies. There were 150 for a 120 size wedding. They were all gone. Who would have guessed?!?
  • Thanks for all the feedback! I think we may skip the coozies and just do special personalized ones for the wedding party. The beer will definitely be a go though, I know FI has been looking up all kinds of different recipes for different beers he wants to make test runs now. 
  • I love the coozie idea and have been thinking about them myself! Everyone I know basically carries one around with them and uses them like crazy. I think its a really cute idea.
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  • Just make sure you know the age of all of your guests or put a third non-alcoholic option on there for guests who are underage or don't drink. I know two people who love beer but had to give it up due to food allergies that they developed as they got older.

  • Erikan73 I didn't even think about that. Working at a brewery I am super strict when it comes to IDing people and can't believe that never crossed my mind. Most of our guests are of age except for a few of the younger cousins. Maybe we can brew a root beer for the underaged guests. Knowing our family and friends, the only problem will be we can't give more than one. Literally everyone is a beer drinker, even FI's 84 year old great grandmother ;)
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Not a koozie household here.  I wouldn't take it.
  • I think a lot of people that take koozies from weddings end up tossing them in the trash when they get home or it gets stuck in a drawer for a while and then tossed.
  • I've gotten personalized coozies from two different weddings and we love them! Very helpful (even with a drawer full of them) and it gives a fun reminder of the wedding we were at. And I think the custom beers are an even better idea!
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  • Never kind of heard of this before but I think it’s really a good idea, if all the possibilities are on your way then you can come up with this.

  • We use them too... Not only for beer...
  • Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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    I love koozies. They are used a lot around are parties in Houston due to the heat. I wouldn't personalize them though.
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  • I agree that brewing a root beer for underage people or are sober.

    I also agree that koozies are good if you choose to not personalize them.

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