Looking for super affordable wedding/reception venues

My daughter is getting married next June and we are trying to find nice, affordable venues between Pueblo and Denver. Approximately 225 people on the guest list and we want just a very basic buffet. My husband died suddenly, so I am trying to do the very best I can on a really tight budget. Don't have an actual budget due to circumstances, but would love to hear everyone's ideas! Thanks!

Re: Looking for super affordable wedding/reception venues

  • We just found the Washington Street Community Center as an affordable venue space. It is costing us $300 for our event with the ability to bring in our own food and alcohol. The only catch is I think their max capacity is 175 at this space. If you're planning on inviting 225 it might not be the best option, but if you are willing to file down the guest list, who knows? Good luck with the wedding!
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