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We booked our honeymoon!!!

Holy crap I'm excited! FI and I booked our flights and hotel stay for our honeymoon in Munich, Germany!!!! Is anyone else going to Europe for thei honeymoon or has anyone visited Munich/Bavaria? I lived in Heidelberg for 3 years as a little kid but honestly don't remember a ton about the region so I'm trying to gather a list of things to do. I'm thinking about daytrips to Salzburg, Austria, Nuremburg, and Garmisch but haven't been able to settle on anything as of yet!

I'm just like this right now!


Re: We booked our honeymoon!!!

  • That's great!!! How exciting! I booked part of our HM today too. We're spending 10 days in Florence. I can't wait! 

    I spend the day in Heidelberg about 10 years ago. It was really cool! 
  • We are doing Europe! Sicily, Venice, and a Mediterranean cruise! CAN'T WAIT!!!
  • Sounds like fun!  I love German pretzels and Nuremberg sausage!
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    @lilybet13 We're honeymooning in the middle of October (so we will miss all the extra tourists for Oktoberfest). We definitely plan to take the train everywhere. Is the Deutsche-bahn different than the S-bahn? We'll need to take a surburban train from the Munich airport to our hotel (hotel is right across the street from a station) so that should be the only place we'll be dragging around suitcases in public. Plus our flights arrive and depart from Germany at ridiculously early times, so we'd probably be boarding before the main commuter rush.

    We had planned on cash plus a cc that has no foreign transaction fees (BoA) already.We definitely need to research our options with ATMs though. My bank charges a 1% fee for withdrawals and my FI's apparently charges 3%. So we either need to consider creating a BoA account or deal with the fees.

    Luckily on the what to do in Bavaria front I have a lot of resources. My dad did two military tours in Germany and we went with him on one of them. My mom's mother was also Bavarian and we have some family still living in the area that we can talk to.

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