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New England Beach HOUSE Wedding?

I have always had this vision for my wedding that I'm not sure is possible and I'm looking for ideas on how to accomplish it.

Ideally, I would love to rent a big house on the beach (enough to sleep immediate family) with ample outdoor space for casual lobster bake and dancing. I would have the quick ceremony down on the beach and then the reception would be casual and spill from the house, to the lawn to the beach throughout the night.

My favorite place is Drakes Island in Wells, ME. It's a very quiet place so I'm not sure I could ever get away with something like this. 

Does ANYONE rent private houses and allow this kind of thing? Has anyone seen weddings done in a similar way?

Re: New England Beach HOUSE Wedding?

  • I went to a wedding like this at Wild Horse in the outer banks of North Carolina.  Had an amazing time!
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    That was like my dream too. Kinda like the Wedding Crashers wedding/ beach house but obviously on a much smaller scale. I looked at rentals in the Cape and Plymouth, MA and they all wanted about $5,000 just to rent the house so that was not in my budget. I was just looking online at vacation home rentals and my plan was if I saw one I wanted to call the owner and ask if they would allow the wedding. Guess you can try that approach? Unless you contacted a wedding planner local to that area and they knew of places.



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