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Name Change?

I own a design firm, and my last name is well known throughout the community. I am afraid if I change my last name, people won’t recognize me, and I could lose potential business.

I also don’t want to upset my fiancé by NOT changing my last name to his. He is really looking forward to us sharing a name.

So—what would you do? Would you:

a) Still change it to his last name

b) Do a hyphenated name (my last name is 2 syllables and his is 3 syllables so it can be pretty long)

c) keep my old maiden name, regardless



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Re: Name Change?

  • That's a tough one...

    In my personal opinion, I'd hyphenate it for many reasons. Your maiden name is already attached to your business and you have concern about confusing people/customers. Your married name will symbolize your marriage and make it easier for schools when you have the same last name as your child. The best part of hyphenating (for me) is that I can decide which last name is appropriate to use at that moment for each encounter.

    Ultimately, whatever you chose has to be the best decision for you and your family. Best of luck!
  • All very good points, @dierdredonovan82. Thanks!
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  • HH2BeHH2Be member
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    I work with someone who goes by her maiden name professionally and her married name outside of work. So that is always an option. I don't know if she actually legally changed her name on social security, license, etc. I work with someone else who hyphenated her name & in her opinion it is a pain in the butt. She wishes she could go back & just change it to her husband's name. Oddly enough, at work she has people just call her Mrs. Maiden name, however on all documents, emails, etc. she is Mrs. Maiden-Married name. Good Luck!
  • I would just go by your maiden name for work related things, since it is essentially your brand, but I would legally change to your married name and use it for everything else. In my opinion it is cool, because then it would be easy for you to separate your work life from personal life (no clients friending you on your personal facebook).
  • Nothing wrong with keeping your maiden name professionally and using your husband's name socially and legally. If your maiden name is the name of your business, you'll still be able to cash checks written to your maiden name via your business account. 

    I knew a guy who went by his first and middle name for business so he could keep work and home life separate. It worked just fine for him. 

  • Thank you for all the responses, ladies. I will keep my maiden name for business, and use my married name legally/socially. Great idea!
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  • skweekyskweeky member
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    Because it is tied to your business something that is quite common where I live is that when you marry your maiden name becomes a 2nd middle name while your new married name is your last name.  Then there are some who completely drop their middle names if they don't like it. 
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