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Trying to find a video...

Alright ladies, help me out here!

I saw a video some time ago that I thought I had pinned to my board. Evidently I did not. =(

I cannot remember the name of the couple or the company who filmed it. All I can really remember is one very specific detail: the bride had a picture of her grandfather on her bouquet. I don't think it was a locket, but it very well could have been. I just know that it was a miniature picture of her grandfather, which she showed her grandmother. Her grandmother said the equivalent of "Oh sweetie, that's beautiful..."

I want to do something similar for my wedding and have been trying like heck to find this video. I've watched over 75 videos on Vimeo and Youtube and I simply can't find it. I'm hoping that one of ya'll has either seen the video or (even better) pinned it to your Pinterest board.

I'd appreciate any leads. :)

Thanks everyone!

Re: Trying to find a video...

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