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My May 25th wedding recap

My wedding was a blast. Everyone had a ball. Now that we are back from honeymoon I just wanted to check in. Thank you to everyone that gave me advice whenever I asked. Thanks for the many ideas and just being a cool group to discuss stuff with.

May 22nd was the rehearsal. I worked till 3 pm that day and rehearsal was at 8. The morning started off horrible cause I sent out a group text to remind everyone to be on time. One of my BM told me the time I selected for rehearsal was not good for her and she would need to adjust her LIFE to be there. She had given me so much drama leading up to wedding that DH told her she did not have to be there. She in turn decided to say cruel stuff about me on FB all day. I was prepared for her not to show and also to not have a flowergirl (her daughter). Everyone showed on time for rehearsal and in middle of rehearsal this BM and her daughter pranced in like they was the center of attention. She burst out in tears and would only speak to DH. Since it was his family I let him deal with her.

May 23rd: I got my nails and feet done. Picked the guys tuxes up and tried to relax the rest of day.

May 24th: I took our sons to barbershop while DH went to work. I got our daughters nails done and we all went to dinner. DH dropped myself and our daughters off at hotel. The rest of the female bridal party was supposed to meet me at hotel. These ladies did not come to hotel till 2:30 in morning and convinced the lobby to give them a key to get in. I was super mad about this and went to manager next morning and complained. They gave me my stay for free. These ladies did not come in and go straight to sleep either. They wanted to do hair and drink and practice the surprise dance routine we were doing the next day. I just wanted to sleep.

May 25th: Wedding day!!!   after only having a few hours of sleep I made it to my hair stylist appointment only 10 min. late. I had instructed the ladies to start preparing for the day cause when I returned everything was going to go fast. I returned to hotel with only children in the room. My oldest (15) was left to tend to a 6 yr old and a 11 yr old in the hotel. The female bridal party thought it would be good for them to get nails done at last min. My photographer and make up artist arrived first and I was so not prepared. I was trying to get the kids together and dressed. I give great praise to my photographer cause she jumped in and handled everything why my make up artist started on my face. In the middle of me getting ready and photo and video being shot in walks the bridal party. Not dressed and not ready. Transportation came and they still was not ready. I was determined to not be late so I grabbed my stuff and the kids and we got in limo to wedding.

The wedding did not start exactly on time due to wedding crashers coming and venue would not let us begin until we either paid for them or made sure they were gone. GOD bless my mom. She paid for the crashers but made them sit all the way in back. My bridal party decided they were going to dance down the aisle instead of walking like we rehearsed. Than it was my time to see my husband. I cried and he cried. It was a glorious time. You could feel the love in the room and it did not even matter anymore all the hiccups that had happened. We took pictures. We ate. Drank too much and just enjoyed our guest. DH was so surprised by the dance he was in tears.

We left a week later for honeymoon and it was so relaxing. We did an 8 day cruise to Western Caribbean and a week enjoying the sun and fun of Miami. I return to work on Monday. I am so glad this is all over. I am enjoying married life and looking forward to the future in front of us.


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Re: My May 25th wedding recap

  • I tried to post more pics but site is running slow. will try to post link to pics
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  • M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    Lawd! First of you looked beautiful and thank God for mom and the photog. What was your BP going through. What cruise line did you take?
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  • So my BP had their own agenda. They wanted to be center of attention all day. They got cut short in their tracks when no one was paying them any attention. LOL

    We went on Carnival Conquest. I loved it but am looking forward to going on the Breeze next year.

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  • Aww congrats Mrs You were so pretty No comment on the bridal party lol Glad it went well
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  • look so pretty wedding date twin. so sorry for all the mishaps, I definitely had my share for my May 25th wedding day last year. But it was all worth it in the end ! Congrats and many blessings!
  • Congrats MRS!!! i'm super jealous of your honeymoon! You looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

    okay, lets get down to this: The wedding did not start exactly on time due to wedding crashers coming and venue would not let us begin until we either paid for them or made sure they were gone.
    ummm.....WHAT!?!? did you know these people? were they invited? did they not RSVP? How many did you have to pay for? i'm assuming the ceremony/reception all in one place? So you were ready to get married and the venue rep told you to pay up? Was it plated? <-- I'm really curious about this, because thats so messed up! they could've came at you afterwards or sent you a bill. I guess I never noticed, but are there venue reps that count people as they come in?

    anyways, i sure am glad you could get past that and your bm's! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!
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  • footballwife77 Did you know these crashers? Did they not RSVP and just showed up? And umm i wouldve cussed out the rep for the venue for even approaching me in my wedding dress as im about to meet my new husband asking for cash.. Da hayle... She wouldve got a straight serious face from me and i wouldve told her if you dont go sityoa**down and getouttamyface girllllllllllll im pissed for you that wasnt called for.. Yess they would definitely get a scathing review from me.. 

    But all in all you got to marry the man of your dreams and you were beautiful.. Again Congrats and God bless your wonderful union!!

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  • @Footballwife: First some of the ppl that crashed I knew but did not invite. 5 were coworkers that thought it would be nice to just show up. When I approached them they stated," I just wanted to share in your day and thought we were good enough friends you would not mind." NEGATIVE!!!

    Than his cousin came from out of town and brought her 5 kids. She was invited but the wedding was a NO KIDS wedding. I think she regretted bringing them after she saw the "surprise seductive" dance I did for DH. lol

    My reception was buffet style and luckly they had enough food and drinks for everyone.

    Yes I was dressed, waiting in bridal suite and banquet manager came to me and told me he had a problem. He could not find the groom to talk to him so he came to me. They made  me make a list the night of rehearsal of all guest. When ppl came in they picked up their seat cards and the manager checked their name off the list. If the name was not on the list they stood them to the side. The manager said they usually have ppl not show up so they seat unlisted guest in those chairs with permission of groom or bride. We had everyone who RSVP show up.  Since it was a great number of crashers (15) they had to bring out more tables and chairs.

    And yes we had to pay before the ceremony could begin. Thank GOD for mothers. Cause mines saved the day....

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  • Congrats! You looked lovely (figure out those pics)

    And your BP is a hot mess but the crashers kill me. 15!!! That is a lot. Thank goodness for your mama. I would have had a breakdown in the dressing room.

    Soon to Be Mrs Jay
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