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Rent Lawn Games?

Can anyone suggest a way to rent lawn games (bags/cornhole, ect) for cocktail hour? I would love to be able to pay someone to come set them up and take them away so I won't have to be stuck with a million lawn games I will never use again. Wedding is in Bloomsburg, PA. I might try local board, but I wanted see if maybe there's a national site someone uses. I seen one in the UK that will set up like human size connect four, which is awesome, but maybe a little impractical. Love to hear suggestions! Thanks!

Re: Rent Lawn Games?

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    Honestly, I'd save the money.  Cocktail hour is only one hour.  Your guests will mingle with others, have a drink or two and eat some appetizers.  They will barely have any time for games!  Even if there was time, I'd rather socialize and eat and drink....not play games.
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    We made our own lawn-sized scrabble for less than $20 and borrowed a few other lawn games from friends.  If it hadn't been so inexpensive and easy I would have skipped it.

    (Plus we LOVE scrabble and we are excited to use it at the house after the wedding, so the $20 was more than worth it)
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    @rebl90 how??? That's awesome!! The wedding is outside and there's a big field. We have lots of kids coming (and grown men that act like children) so I would love to give them an alternative to being bored at cocktail hour and during dancing. I would hate to see my guests bored all night if dancing is not for them.
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    We bought bocce on Amazon for like $50, borrowed a croquet set, and made lawn twister. But the kids mostly ran around and the adults mostly mingled or danced.
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