Affordable Venue ideas?! Help please :)

Hey Ladies,

I just recently got engaged and will probably be planning my wedding for April 2016. I have started to just look online at venues and just wanted to know if anyone has any good ones worth looking into? I am looking for a place we can do the ceremony and reception at. I don't want to spend an arm an a leg either, looking to spend maybe around 70 or 80 dollars a person. If I could do less that would be great but I am realistic also. I live in bucks county, but am open to all areas, & Not opposed to a fire hall wedding either, open to all ideas and suggestions anyone may have!


Re: Affordable Venue ideas?! Help please :)

  • I'm not sure how many guest your trying to have or your budget, but I am having my wedding reception at the African American Museum in center city. We are paying $1500 for two galleries as well as the auditorium. I hope this helps
  • @YJW0113‌ thanks for the suggestion! We are looking at roughly 85 people. I really want a venue where we can have the reception and ceremony.
  • If you're in the beginning stages I'd check out Partyspace's site.  You can search a ton of venues in the area and limit it by price, number of guests, and type of reception site you'd like.  They also have a ton of really unique sites listed which I didn't see anywhere else (even on The Knot!).  Offhand I remember the Old Mill being super reasonably priced and pretty- I think they start in the $65/person range and you can bring in your own alcohol.  Also, if I had fewer people I would have seriously considered Valley Green Inn- it's gorgeous, but really best for smaller parties.  Our 150 would have been way too tight.  Good luck on your search, there are a ton of great sites in this area!!
  • @Nleranian I have been in contact with the event director at the zoo! I have a meeting set up next month to see the venue. It is my dream wedding (I am a HUGE animal lover) and they actually are pretty affordable. Definitely excited to go talk to him more :)
  • @kittytango - I will def check out that site. Thanks!!
  • Al, Eric, and Morgan are great!  I absolutely recommend it!  We are getting married there in September!

  • I am getting married at Curtis Hall in Wyncote. They have an outside area that I am using for the ceremony and the reception will be inside. You can bring any caterer so that made it pretty inexpensive. I am getting married on Thursday July 3, that also made the venue affordable at $650.

  • @NLeranian‌ I was emailing with Eric. He seems very nice! Are you doing just your reception at Elmwood or your ceremony too? !
  • We are doing both!  Having the ceremony right when you walk in on the deck in front of the eagles.
  • @Nleranian awesome! I am definately going to look into having our ceremony there also. My fiancée and I want somewhere we can have the reception and ceremony at, so I am glad they offer that!

    We are not going to tour it until July 20th because of vaction, but I may have some questions for you after we do! Better to get another bride to be's perspective :)

  • Sure!  No problem!
  • You should look into the American Swedish Historical Museum in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. They have an exclusive contract with Jeffrey Miller Catering (whose food is delicious!) and just spent a good amount of $$ upgrading the grounds and installing a semi-permanent tent.  You can use the outdoor space, or indoor space if you want something inside.  With the park as the backdrop and the museum itself it's an incredibly beautiful, unique spot to have a wedding. I'm having mine there next October!  
    There are other places in the city that are also great (Philadelphia Racquet Club, as one) but you should check out the Jeffrey Miller website for other places the work because other places they are fantastic to work with and have all of the rentals and everything else you might need!
    Good luck with the planning!
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