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My ring doesn't fit anymore!

So, I've lost about 10 lbs (which is a great problem to have), but now my engagement ring is too big and slips off easily!! Any suggestions?

Re: My ring doesn't fit anymore!

  • Don't wear it until you get it resized. You don't want to risk it falling off and losing it!
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  • Get it resized, unless you think you might gain the weight back.
  • If you don't want to get it resized yet (if you think you are likely to gain the weight back or want to wait on getting it resized for some other reason), you can go to a jeweler and ask them to put a little sizer in it.  Usually its a little wire that they wrap around or attach to the ring that makes the ring smaller. Its often called a ring guard, or ring sizer, or ring wire.  

    Be warned that depending on the softness of the metal, they can sometimes scratch your ring but the jeweler should be able to polish the scratches out.  A lot of jewelers won't even charge for them or they cost <$35.
  • I'd also like to note if you plan to lose more weight, you should probably wait too.
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