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Did our scouting trip and...

Did so well when we first got there. Did the cake tasting with Freed's and got our marriage license. Ended up taking a cab to the LIttle White Wedding Chapel and got married :) We're still planning on having our wedding as planned in Feb, but celebrated so much that we missed our venue touring appt due to being hungover. I really like the pictures of the Flamingo Gazebo but do they really charge that $150 fee in addition to the ceremony fee to use it? 
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Re: Did our scouting trip and...

  • Probably best to add too that family and friends know. This is both of our second wedding and we both have children. We want to have our girls up there next to us and be included since neither of our ex spouses did when they got remarried. They are wanting to be princesses for the day. We also want this to be a big family celebration of bringing everyone together, so after talking to them, we're still moving forward with the planning because apparently everyone was looking forward to partying in Vegas :P
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  • Congrats! Sounds like it was a great scouting trip :) 
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  • It was! I was very worried our family would be upset about us getting married with them not there, but both of our exes did a number on us, so they just want us to be happy and silly and carefree since life hasn't been able to be like that until just recently. 
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  • The Gazebo Is Worth It imo I got married there and loved the location. Congratulations! :)
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  • @valeriecruz82 So there is the fee on top of it? I love the outdoor location but really worry about our girls being cold. We're not doing a family ceremony, but they are our bridesmaids and we found dresses they'll be comfortable in but they're spaghetti strapped
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    What time of year is your ceremony and where are you coming from? November - February can be chilly, but maybe you can find some nice wraps for them to wear if they need them or it's very windy? Even still, as a Canadian, the temperatures are still pretty nice most of the year for me, haha :)

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  • 2/15/15 I think we may stick to indoors so the guests aren't cold. It's going to be just a few friends and family, but dont' want them to be too cold
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  • Congratulations! Carpe diem!
  • Congratulations!  We're going in August to look at some things, and a lot of people think we're going to just get married then. :)  I paid too much for the April 2015 wedding though... so that's happening! 
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