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Northern NJ Venue Reviews

Hi everyone...

I was looking online at some Northern NJ Venues and was wondering if anyone had any reviews on the following venues:

Crystal Springs Country Club


Atrium Country Club

The Imperia on Easton

IL Tulipano

The Old Tappan Manor

I'm trying to narrow down my search so that I can start calling for appointments.

Any feedback you could give me on the above venues would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Thanks sooooo much!

Re: Northern NJ Venue Reviews

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    Post this on your local board.  This one's international, so most of us here can't give you feedback on these venues.
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    THANKS!! I'm new to the site and haven't figured how it works etc!
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    Megalega14Megalega14 member
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    I went to look  at the Imperia and I didn't like much about it at all, and it was EXTREMELY expensive for what they were offering.

    I recently went to a wedding at Ravellos... it was pretty good... the food wasn't bad.. the bartenders was great!  The cocktail hour was pretty sparse, I'm not sure if that was due to $$ or what.. but overall my fiance and I had a good time.

    I am actually getting married at The Atrium in July!! We are working with Bill, who is just a doll! for 80 a person, we are getting full cocktail hour and reception (including the patio) with top shelf open bar.  The food was amazing and they only host one wedding at a time ,which we liked and the place is gorgeous. ! 

    the others I am unsure of.. but good luck~~
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    LLC179LLC179 member
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    Megalega14- I am getting married at the Atrium in July too! I am paying a little more than double that price for a Saturday. Is your wedding on a Saturday?
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